The New England Orienteering Club

Updated 5/5/2018

I would like to thank each of the volunteers who helped make the 2018 Junior National Championship / Troll Cup a huge success. I have tried to list as many people as I can remember. I am sure that I missed a few people, especially on the start crews. Please know that your help is much appreciated. 

Thank you,
Bud O’Leary

In no particular order:

Phil B.
Sam L.
Jim P.
Jeff S. and Judy K.
Steve T.
Ed D. and Alex J.
Dr. Jeff S.
Greg A.
Becky C.
Andy H.
Ethan C.
Faye D.
Roger and Trish U.
Lex and Pete B.
Dorina N.
Mark O. and Karen Y.
Sylvie G. and Xevi F.
Barb B.
David Y.
Joanne S.
Tom J.
Peter  and Gail G.
Wendy J. and Ian F.
Jim C.
Jim H. (jury)
Mike M. (jury)
Brian, Kurt, and Jim – Mt. Tom rangers
Holyoke PD
Janet S. and Dan O.

Thank you!