The New England Orienteering Club
  1. I procrastinated and missed the deadline. Can I still register?

    Sorry, no. To maintain the quality of the program, we do adhere to our limit and our deadlines. We need time to plan, organize and staff the event.

  2. The weather forecast looks bad. Will you cancel, postpone, or reschedule the event?

    No. It's on rain, snow, or shine. Be prepared. Dress accordingly. It’s up to the unit leader’s discretion whether to participate or not when the weather is less than ideal.

  3. My son is a Cub Scout/daughter is a Brownie. Is this too young for orienteering?

    In general, yes. But, if in doubt, then take your family to another NEOC event. Use the Schedule tab above.

    Per the Guide to Safe Scouting, orienteering is not an age-appropriate activity for Cub Scouts.

    Per the Girl Scouts Safety Activity Checkpoints, orienteering is not an age-appropriate activity for Daisies and Brownies.

  4. Can you help us fulfill the Boy Scout First Class badge requirement?

    The Yellow course at any orienteering event is appropriate for fulfilling the requirement. We suggest that the Scouts do one Yellow course to learn the skill, and then attend a second orienteering event to demonstrate what they learned. The requirement of measuring height or width is not part of the sport of orienteering, so you would need to arrange that activity on your own.

    For help with the Orienteering Merit Badge, see this article.

  5. Our son's troop isn't coming to Scout-O.  Can he come alone?

    This is not a drop-off type of activity. We expect all youth be accompanied by a registered adult leader or parent/guardian.  And the BSA "two-deep" leadership requirements apply for youth not accompanied by their parent/guardian. Further, Scouting operates on the buddy system. No youth orienteers alone.

  6. I lost something at Scout-O! Is there a lost-and-found?

    During the event, you can check at Registration for found items.
    After the event, found items will be noted (along with a recovery contact) in the event's Results.

    You could also check with the venue management. Some camps and parks have their own lost-and-found.