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Orienteering for Sport and Pleasure

Written by two of NEOC's founders, Hans Bengtsson and George Atkinson; published in 1977 by The Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, Vermont. It is out of print, but copies for sale can be found on the Web.

From the back cover:

America's New Cross-Country Sport

Designed to help the newcomer orient quickly to his or her first meet, this new book covers all "the basics": proper use of map and compass, the various types of meets (cross-country, score, trim, relay, night, ski, bicycling, etc.) techniques and training, clothing and equipment, plus a nutshell review of the sport's history and the details of how to run a meet and form a club.

... The authors, HANS BENGTSSON and GEORGE ATKINSON were organizers of the New England Orienteering Club. Bengtsson grew up in Sweden, where orienteering is a major national sport; Atkinson, a graduate of Springfield College, is instructor in Recreation Education at Northeastern University.