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Welcome to The New England Orienteering Club, NEOC

1. NEOC collects personal information in the following instances:

1.1. At NEOC orienteering events

Non-members are required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement. Your legal name and signature are required. These forms are filed with the NEOC Clerk.

For events that use manual "pin punch" at each "control," participants complete a Start Card with the participant's name. These cards are used to record start and finish times (to determine final results), and to keep track of who may still be in the woods. Your actual name on the Start Card is encouraged, in case of emergency.

For events with electronic timing ("e-punch") at each "control," participants complete a Safety Card. This is used primarily by the event results software to associate a participant's name with the "finger-stick" (timing chip) he/she carries. Your actual name on the Safety Card is encouraged, in case of emergency. The Safety Card also has fields for phone number and automobile identification, which may be used to determine if a participant is still in the woods (perhaps requiring assistance), or has left the event without reporting to the results computer.

For both "pin punch" and "e-punch" events, the meet director does not leave a venue until all participants are accounted for.

Unless otherwise requested, the name entered on the Start Card or Safety Card will be listed in the event results on

1.2. When someone joins the NEOC Update mail list

Anyone can subscribe to the NEOC Weekly Update e-mail via a form on An e-mail address is required; first and last names are optional. NEOC members are automatically added to this e-mail list after completing the membership form. This e-mail list is used only to send weekly Updates and infrequent notifications to NEOC members (e.g. invitations to the Winter Party).

An unsubscribe link is included in the footer of every Update e-mail. 

As of October 8, 2020, NEOC's bulk mailings are hosted by Access to the NEOC bulk mailer is restricted to the Webmaster and one volunteer worker. The Privacy Policy of states, "In no case does phpList sell, share or rent out your contact lists to third parties..." However, their software does include code that reports to NEOC when one of its bulk e-mail messages is opened.

Subscribers can avoid this open-message tracking in one of the following ways:

  • Click the link to change your preferences, found in the footer of each NEOC bulk e-mail. In the form that opens, check the box for "e-mails in Text format."
  • Configure your e-mail reader so it does not automatically load images, particularly images from

1.3. When people become NEOC members

NEOC members must complete a membership form each year, and pay a fee by credit card, check, or cash. The information collected by the form is stored securely by SurveyMonkey. Access to this database is restricted to the Webmaster, Treasurer, and no more than three volunteer workers on a need-to-know basis. The Privacy Notice of SurveyMonkey states, "We do not share your information or data with third parties outside SurveyMonkey except in the following limited circumstances..." The only circumstance that might apply to NEOC's data is legal/governmental requests.

1.4. When people register for some NEOC events

Some NEOC events require pre-registration and payment. The information collected by the registration form is stored by SurveyMonkey, as above. Credit card payments are processed by Stripe, as above, or by Paypal, described in section 2. Access to the SurveyMonkey database is as described in section 1.3. The names of registered participants may be posted on

1.5. Other NEOC forms

NEOC collects information via a variety of other forms, for map purchase and download, participant course and time, event registration, etc. Information input into these forms is stored securely by SurveyMonkey. Access to the SurveyMonkey database is as described in section 1.3.

2. How NEOC collects payment information

2.1. Stripe

Credit card payments are processed by Stripe, which does not share credit card numbers with NEOC. Access to this database is restricted to the Webmaster and the Treasurer.

2.2. Paypal

Some payments to NEOC are collected through Paypal, which does not share credit card numbers with NEOC. Access to this account is restricted to the NEOC Treasurer.

NEOC does not share your information with any other organization.

See also: NEOC Cookie Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about NEOC's handling of your personal information, please contact the Webmaster.


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