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by Lydia O’Connell, age 10

I sprinted to the first control/flag and stuck my finger thing in it. Yes! One down, 10 to go. I really got the hang of it after the first control. I was orienteering with my family and I was on a Yellow. I got the time of 68 minutes and something seconds. After that I challenged my brother to a White. And he accepted. He won by a measly 1 minute and 30 seconds. Life is unfair.

Boston GlobeRead about a NEOC event from the perspective of first-timer, and Boston Globe reporter, Brian MacQuarrie.

Photo courtesy of awesomefound.

Haven't used e-punch before?  This photo guide will show you what to expect. Click a photo to read the details.

If you have a NEOC "loaner" finger-stick, be sure to return it before you leave.


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