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NEOC: Beaver Brook North
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Saturday, May 07, 2016, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Map Scale:
Contour Interval:
10:00 A.M.—Noon
String, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green
Special Courses:
5 mile Trail Run
I've added a new Trail Run course to our menu. This course is a long white course with all controls on trails, and ideal for newcomers who want a good physical workout but don't want to go off-trail (although on several controls you will gain time if you bush-wack through the forest). The shortest route possible for this course while staying on trails is 5 miles.

The Beaver Brook North map was formerly the grounds of the Metropolitan State Hospital. Most of the actual hospital buildings have been replaced by an Apartment complex in the north part of the map. The eastern edge of the map is Beaver Brook, which winds its way downstream to our NEOC map of Historic Beaver Brook Reservation, about a half kilometer south of this map. The southwestern and northerneastern edges of the map are Trapelo Rd and Concord Ave respectively. The flat land in the middle of the map used to be farmland with several canals built for irrigation. Now these fields are big open uncrossable swamps. There are several old ruins, and many old overgrown roads that can be discerned now by crumbling stone walls on either side. An old cemetery with over 100 unmarked graves sits on an old carriage road at the base of the one large hill on the map. Hidden near the cemetery are some bike trails with dirt jumps.

With the warm weather of the past 2 weeks the forest has started to close. Many of the dark green areas are already impenetrable with briars. I would not recommend venturing into the dark green unless you can clearly see a way through the vegetation. The courses are on the short side, with the advanced courses having many short legs to avoid long easy trail runs.
Meet Director:
Jim Crawford
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(617) 489-4913
Beaver Brook North
393 Trapelo Road

Parking is at Elsie Turner Park (opposite the National Archives Records Center).