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NEOC: DCR Great Brook Farm - In-Person - (Carlisle, MA)
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Sunday, May 22, 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm
DCR Great Brook Farm
Carlisle, MA
Map Scale:
Contour Interval:
String, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, Blue
Parking is in the lot next to the Dairy Farm (see below). DCR parking fees apply. Registration is located in the field near the parking lot. Restrooms are located at parking. Overflow and bus parking is located at ski barn off of Lowell Street.
Event Director:
Kelly Guarino & Nick Townley
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This event welcomes recreational participants as well as individuals interested in participating in a National Ranking Event (NRE) where results can contribute to a national ranking with Orienteering USA (OUSA).  Non-ranked recreational and NRE courses will be the same. 

Course Statistics

Updated (on 5/19/21)

Course Scale Clues Length [km] Climb [m] Controls
White 1:5,000 Text 1.7 30 10
Yellow 1:5,000 Text 2.5 70 12
Orange 1:7,500 Text & Symbols 3.2 120 13
Brown 1:7,500 Symbols 3.6 135 13
Green 1:10,000 Symbols 6.9 215 23
Red 1:10,000 Symbols 8.2 210 24
Blue 1:10,000 Symbols 11.2 280 33
  • This is a newly updated map, fully field-checked in the last two years.  But, we've been using the Great Brook Farm orienteering map continuously for decades.  We will not have older versions of the map posted in printed form at the event site.  You are free to look at previous versions on our club RouteGadget.
  • Many thanks to Tim Parson, long-time Carlisle resident and Great Brook Farm enthusiast.  Although he now lives in Maine, he provided valuable course design feedback as the OUSA Course Consultant.  Thanks Tim!

Course Notes (Updated: 5/19/21)

  • Great Brook Farm is a working dairy farm.  Do not cross agricultural fields, even if they appear to be unused and contain no cows.  These fields are marked as out-of-bounds (purple cross-hatch) on your map, are often marked by park signs in the terrain, and typically are not a good route choice anyway.
  • Trails and trail areas next to fields are generally in-bounds.  Again, as mapped.
  • Private residences are also out-of-bounds.  They are mapped as olive green.
  • On some courses your route may take you along active roadways.  Please stay on the shoulder and be aware of vehicular traffic.
  • Some courses cross active roadways multiple times.  Please use caution.  There are no race marshals/crossing guards—you are responsible to cross safely. 
  • Many controls are near each other and have similar numbers.  Confirm your control numbers.
  • Before starting your course, confirm that the timing device you are using can record the number of controls on your course.  Courses at Great Brook generally have a greater number of controls than same-level courses at other venues.  SI-6, SI-9, SI-10, and SI-Air all hold plenty (64, 50, 128, 128).  SPORTident pCards only hold 20, and SI-5 and SI-8 hold 30. (Not sure which SI device you have? Find its number in this table.)
  • If you will need water on your course, please bring it with you.  Updated 5/20/21: There is one water control mid-way through Yellow, Brown, Green, Red and Blue. With the hot weather, we’ve added some water stations, marked on your map with the standard purple cup symbol. These are at locations that you will have to pass by anyway (bridges, crossroads, etc)...2 on Green, Red, Blue, 1 on White, Orange, and Brown.
  • Since the courses were streamered, the leaves have come out on the trees and the poison ivy has emerged. Poison ivy is particularly thick at the edge of farm fields. Leg coverings or long pants are highly recommended, as is spraying repellent for ticks. One yellow control is now set on the “wrong” side of a thicket according to the clue because the “right” side of the thicket is knee-high poison ivy. It’s visible from the trail.
  • You must carry a safety whistle with you on the course.  Whistles are available at registration and at the start.
  • The course time limit is 3 hours.  There are no assigned starts, so please start before 11:00 am if you want to use the full 3 hours.
  • Courses close at 2:00 pm.
  • Self-service start with maps upside-down in labelled boxes.  Competitors on the same course should have 2 minutes (or more) between starters.  Blue shares a first control with Green.   

Timeline & Starts

  • This NRE is a NEOC-local event with a few NRE upgrades.  Our FAQ covers most of our usual procedures.
  • Start window is from 10AM to noon.  Courses close at 2PM, and for our volunteers' sake, we start pulling controls immediately.
  • The course time limit is 3-hours.  No assigned starts, so please start before 11AM if you want the full 3-hours.
  • For fairness, if you finish a course before noon, expect to leave your map in a box at the finish.  You may label it with your name to make reclaiming it easier after the last start (at noon). 
  • Pre-printed cluesheets will be available at registration.
  • It is an open start window without assigned starts.  Maps will be upside-down in boxes labeled by course.  Competitors may start themselves whenever it's been at least two minutes from the last starter on your course.
  • There will be a volunteer loosely supervising the start area, but it remains a self-service start.  
  • Don't look at your map until you are "on the clock."  EXCEPTION:  White & Yellow competitors may preview their map with a parent, coach, etc "off the clock," so they can discuss the map, routes, plans, etc. 

Pre-registration & Fees

  • If you plan to use epunch (SI device), please pre-register by Wed. night (May 18) at On-site registration will be available, but pre-registration will make life easier on the event staff and speed you onto your course. (A discount code was sent to current NEOC members' registered email on 4/28.)
  • NEOC Members Orienteer Free
  • Non-members:$10 adult, $5 juniors (7-21 yrs), < 7 free. Family max of $25.
  • Groups: Fee: $20 plus $2 per person. See group information below. 
  • Parking Fees: DCR parking fees apply. 
  • SI rental ($10) or purchase ($15) available at registration. 

NEW!Payment at event registration table (Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Venmo and credit card accepted). 

On-site Registration and Payment

  • Members with a club-registered SI timing device proceed to the computer table to select a course and register. No phone needed. NEW!  If your SI device is not registered, then register on-site with a smart phone or volunteer. 
  • Members who want to use QR code for timing: Go to registration table to scan registration QR code and to get a map. 
  • Non-members: Register and pay at registration table.  You can use QR code timing (need smartphone), your own SI device, or rent or purchase SI device for timing. Bring a smart phone for registration & timing (if using QR codes). Volunteers can assist you with registering if you don't bring a smart phone. 
  • At most NEOC events, you choose only a course (e.g. Red).  At today's event, you'll be asked for gender and year-of-birth so we can categorize you in the right class as well (e.g. Male, 40-44 "class" of the Red "course").  The default class is probably right for you and your national rankings.  For the 2% that need to opt out of that default, see the computer/download crew for a manual override.  If this makes no sense, just go with the default.  

Timing Device and Compass

  • Time yourself by using a SI device or QR codes (with smartphone).  National ranking scores for Advanced Courses (Brown, Green, Red, Blue) require the use of an SI device; those using QR code "punching" for advanced courses (Br, G, R, Bl) will automatically be entered in the Recreational class (ie same race / course but no rankings).
  • Bring your own compass. If you forgot one, check at the registration desk. 

Downloads, Results, and Awards

  • NEOC is all-in on smartphone use.  When you download, you will receive an email with your splits.
  • Around the event site, you will see QR codes to see live results right on your phone--no more huddling around a computer monitor.
  • There are no awards for this event.


  • Volunteer with our great event crew here.


  • Bring a whistle with you on the course. Grab one from the event Registration table if you don’t have one. 
  • Masks optional.
  • Scan the FINISH QR code (even if you didn’t find all the checkpoints or just decided to stop) or check in at the computer station so we know that you are off the course. 
  • Advanced courses may have multiple road crossings.  Use caution.  

Water and Food 

  • Bring your own water to the event and carry it on the course, if needed.  Near registration, the park has working water fountains and faucets.
  • There are no water stations currently planned on the courses, and we haven't returned to our pre-COVID habit of providing post-race water and snacks.  Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue have water at one control (marked on maps).  All course except Yellow have 1 or 2 water stations marked on your map with the standard purple cup symbol. 


  • Groups must pre-register by Tuesday before the event by contacting the meet director.  Maps cannot be guaranteed for unregistered groups. 
  • Provide information on the anticipated number of participants and if you are bringing a bus or van to the event. Special parking requirements may be required by the venue. 
  • Loan of compasses and SI-devices are included with group rates. 
  • Group leaders should pick up maps at the registration table. 
  • All group participants need to sign a waiver (either on-line at in-person registration or in advance). 
Great Brook Farm - Dairy parking
291 North Road (approx.)

Please note: This site charges $3 per car (or MA state parks parking pass) for parking.