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Pine Bluffs, Stow, MA
November 19, 2023
Meet Directors: Aims Coney

What a great day for November orienteering! Sunny and mild, it was only chilly for those standing around in the wind.

What a treat it is to live on an orienteering map! Many thanks to Ed Despard for making an excellent map of Pine Bluffs north of Kingland Road and to Jon Campbell for adding the neighborhood trails to the south. Whenever I go out the back door for a run, I imagine orienteering courses and this Sunday I got what I wanted.

This was the first o-meet I’ve directed in the modern era, with both electronic registration and timing. I was anxious about my ability to adapt but thanks to the excellent support from the NEOC Board, it turned out to be easier than I thought. In fact, with all the competitor data already entered, the post-event results reporting requires no typing, a huge timesaver and a great improvement in accuracy.

Many people contributed to the meet’s success — NEOC president Wendy Johnecheck was uncanny and would send me an email advising about a topic just as I was about to ask about it. Jim Paschetto was terrific at updating the website in advance of the event and ran the event computer, with help from David Landrigan, Dean Sturtevant, (and who else?). Ellie Lin, David Vandorpe, and Joanne Sankus worked registration with Channon Ames providing critical oversight. Gary Gallagher hung controls in the early morning frost. Ian Finlayson, Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck, Slava Matrosenkov, and Nils Peter picked up controls, a meet director’s dream.

If you’re considering directing a meet and have been intimidated by the electronic timing and registration, set those concerns aside. With the support from NEOC it is much easier than you’d think.

  • Splits will be up very soon.
  • Check back for Livelox link.
  • Share your route, and see others' routes on Livelox. (Documentation on recording & uploading routes is here)
  • Analyze your splits on Winsplits.
  • Download the raw splits file via menu choice Results>Raw Splits Files.

Notes on Results:

  • White & Yellow - Mark Carrig, no download
  • Orange - John Horrigan - 2, no download
  • Orange - John Kernochan - 1, no download (lost stick)
  • ZigZag - David Mitrou, no Start punch