The New England Orienteering Club

DCR Norwottuck, Amherst, MA
May 30, 2022
Meet Directors: Phil Bricker, Will Daniels

This year's Memorial Day race was at Mt. Norwottuck in Western Massachusetts. It was a beautiful but hot day out on the Holyoke Range. The heat and the lush vegetation definitely provided some extra challenges on the courses, but even still, over 100 fantastic orienteerers made it out to compete.

There was a fierce battle on the White sprint course, which was finally won by Nikolay Shevchenko, nearly breaking the 6 minute mark. On Yellow, Etienne Jacques ran a near-perfect race to beat out the competition. The Orange course saw the most participants (27), and was also a tight race, with Lukas Webb coming in first, just 19 seconds ahead of Yana Galukhina. Carl Underwood and Kristin Hall led the field on Brown, while other top finishers of the day include Ian Finlayson (Green), Magnus Bjorkman (Red) and Nils Peters (Blue).

We are so grateful to all of today's volunteers. At the registration, special thanks to Jim Paschetto, Channon Ames, Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck, Wendy Johnecheck, and Jon and Victoria Campbell. At control pick-up, a huge thanks to everyone willing to go back out into the woods after a long hot day -- Jim Paschetto, Carl Underwood, Justin Wiley, Bill Davidson, Carrie Harris, and Joseph Sackett.

Thanks to all those who came to run or help.
~Phil and Will


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