Beaver Brook - Urban Rogaine 2012
September 1, 2012
Meet Director: Jim Crawford
Covering parts of Belmost, Watertown, Cambridge, Waltham, and Lexington

Thirty-two orienteers who stayed in town this Labor Day weekend came out to NEOC's first Urban Rogaine. We met at Historic Beaver Brook on the Belmont/Watham border. The beginners' meet was canceled, so some people who might have just run a sprint course stepped up and got a good 90-minute. The weather was a little hot, but thankfully much cooler than Friday's 90+ temperatures. I was very pleased with the turnout, considering we did not advertise the meet outside the NEOC website, and there only for 2 weeks.

It has been a long time since NEOC has had a bike-O, so seven riders took advantage of the opportunity to bike rather than run. Joe Brautigan and Jeff Woods flew around the course and went to every control in roughly 3 hours of cycling; unfortunately for them, they also spent over 30 minutes at Belmont Wheelworks repairing a broken chain. Alex Jospe can claim the honor of having the highest score, with Jeff Saeger having the highest score for a runner. Special mention must go to 4-year-old Marie Andken, who was the youngest competitor, and the only one to get the extra 5-point bonus for punching her control card at the water stop.

The course had a few glitches in it. Control #31 was described as being on the East side of a street that runs east-west. Control #42, had the "42" printed on the map at just the wrong location so at least 2 people thought a dead-end road connected to the road with the control. The circle for Control #67 was positioned too far to the southeast, which confused several people. And the description for Control #91 was written poorly. It said "Sign W of S trail junction; name ___ ___ of 1st tree on the left". Four runners looked for a little sign on a tree giving the tree's species, whereas the intended sign was a large, free-standing sign describing trees in the area.

Thanks to my wife and daughter for helping out with the registration and snacks.



3 hour bike: raw score time in minutes penalty/bonus final score
Alex Jospe 1640 175 1640
Phil Bricker 1460 179 1460
Ben Gallup 1400 174 1400
Peter Frykman 960 182 -30 960
Gary Gallagher 940 173 940
Jeff Woods & Joe Brautigam 2040 216 min* -1105 935
1.5 hour bike:
Tim Parson 630 94 -60 570
3 hour run:
Jeff Saeger 1000 190 -225 775
Jeanne & Mark Hummel 500 169 500
Matthew & Stephen Scherrer 350 165 350
Bill Binette 560 196 -405 155
Ben & Marie Andken 140 159 5 145
1½ hour run:
Magnus Bjorkman 590 90 590
Dean Sturtevant 520 92** 520
Meg Parson 500 90 500
Tom Randall 450 87 450
Nat Moyer 450 90 450
Andy McIlvaine 350 88 350
Chris Bradford 350 88 350
Jim Paschetto 340 87 340
Gabe Bronk 340 90 340
Ed Despard 320 84 320
Gil Shapiro 230 81 230
Richard & Liat Shapiro 210 94 -60 150
Ann Harrer 160 95 -75 85
Nick & Catherine Usoff lost card
*includes over 30 minutes at the bike store fixing a broken chain
**no penalty because he lost time from an incorrect control