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Horn Pond, Woburn, MA
August 28, 2022
Meet Director: Joanne Sankus

A quite warm but beautiful day greeted 66 early season orienteers at Horn Pond for the fall season opener. As usual, the top course, Orange, attracted the most with 40 participants. This beginner event seems to be a favorite tune-up for a lot of people.

My biggest worry was yellow jackets near control sites. At the last Horn Pond event one young man in a group was stung a couple of times near a control but luckily had no ill effects. This year, at one of my favorite control sites, “the pit”, I was tramping around the bottom of it when a yellow jacket buzzed around my face suggesting that I go somewhere else. I agreed and moved the control to the back side of the small knoll that the pit was on top of. Also in that area a large deer went bounding by, then stopped and waited until I cleared out of the area.

As usual, no event can be a success without the volunteers. The ones who meet and greet, instruct, set up and run the computer system, help hang controls and then retrieve them at the end while also fitting in their own run. We were a little short on volunteers, so I commend my group who extended their duty time to cover the gaps. This of course is a plea for more volunteers, especially for newcomers to the sport. It’s easy to sit in on any of the tasks and see the “nuts and bolts” of putting on an orienteering event.

Volunteers: Nancy Sankus, Jim Paschetto, Mark O’Connell and Karen Yeowell, Wendy Johnecheck, Ian Finlayson, Doug Sevon, Channon Ames, Kristin Hall, Tori Campbell, Magnus Bjorkman. Special thanks to Jon Campbell for setting up the maps and having them printed at my local Staples. All this while driving out west.

Happy Orienteering,
Joanne Sankus, Event Director

Jim and Anna escort her mother on her first O-course in her 100 years!

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