Thanks to all of you who attended the TESS-O series this Spring!
When Pia Webb suggested doing this back in January it seemed like a fun but uncertain prospect, so it’s really nice to reflect on how much things have turned out since then. The weather even steadily improved, but when over 30 people showed up in the pouring rain back in week two, we knew that there was demand for in-person sprint orienteering events again! I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did.

Results and split-times for all six events are on the CSU SI website.

The final points totals for the long sprint are in this Google spreadsheet.

Congratulations to Keegan Harkavy for being the overall series winner, although Ethan Childs deserves credit for joining late and pushing him to the last race.
Kristen Hall was the top female points winner, with Katia and Tetiana tied for 2nd and all three in the top 10 overall.
Just as exciting to see was the numerous new orienteers emerging as the series developed. Welcome to the sport of orienteering - we hope that you continue to explore, to improve, and to have fun.

Thanks are due to everyone who helped make this series happen – from mapping, course-setting, permit getting, control setting, and pick-up and coordination; but the following deserve special mention:
 - Pia Webb – for planning, instigating, getting permits, course setting and making things happen behind the scenes.
 - Giovanni Berlanda and family – for supplying and managing the seamless downloading and instant posting of results.
 - Larry and Sara Mae Berman – for hosting a 20th year of Park orienteering, and organizing maps, starts and of course cookies for finishers.
 - Dean Sturtevant, Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck and Patrick McNeal for course-setting.
 - Jon Campbell, Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck and Ed Despard for both mapping and providing map updates.

This park-o series is now complete, but we are already planning for next Spring -perhaps with an extended 8 week series, and a best 4 of 8 points series.
If you have any interest in joining this splendid team in the future, please reach out to me or any one of us – it’s more fun the more you get involved.

- Ian Finlayson