The weekly Thursday Evening Sprint Series has gotten to a good start in spite of less than perfect weather the first two events. The first event was a fast-paced sprint on the lawns around Hormel Stadium in Medford in blistery winds and cold weather that brought out peoples' hats and winter coats. The second event took place at Edmands Park in Newton, a small wooded park with many trails to keep track off. It was great to see more juniors at Edmands with pre-school, elementary and middle school represented and a good showing from Cambridge high school students in spite of the at times pouring rain. 

Results from Edmands Park and last week's Hormel Stadium are available.

Livelox routes for Edmands Park will be posted tomorrow. Livelox routes from Hormel Stadium are posted.

Next in the series is Thursday, May 6, with starts from 6-7pm at a new map: Mary Cummings Park in Burlington. Please pre-register by Tuesday, May 4 if you have not already done so. If you have yet to visit Edmands park there is a new permanent orienteering course installed there by the Newton Parks and Recreation Department.