Upton State Park, Upton, MA
September 14, 2019
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We were a little nervous this morning about directing our first regular NEOC event, though we were pleased that the morning started well – a little cool and overcast, a great day to run through the woods without getting overheated. All controls were out before 9am, registration was setup by 9:30am, our helpers were ready and eager – we just needed participants! About 9:45am the first folks began to arrive, and it soon turned into a steady stream, ultimately resulting 87 starts and almost 100 participants – a great turnout for an early Fall day far away from Boston, including a number of first-timers and we hope to see them again soon. Having a “short white” seemed to encourage many beginners to go out for a second course.

The courses were well received and presented some good challenges, especially as the thickness of the vegetation made the courses more challenging that the map indicated. Brown could have been a control or two shorter, and machetes or a good defoliant would have been useful at a number of other locations. We were relieved that everyone returned safely, all the controls were actually where they were supposed to be, and that the misbehavior of control #122 (Brown #4, Red #17) didn’t cause too many problems. We were able to make good use of the site, with especially the Red course visiting almost the entire mapped part of the forest.

The later runners on the courses were treated to some extra challenges when the heavens decided that orienteering while dry was too easy, and so, despite the forecast, we were treated to early afternoon showers. There were a few very damp runners and maps at the finish, and control pickup was a bit of a wet affair, but all in all it was a great day in the woods at an infrequently used location.

Many thanks to Sam Levitin for putting a lot of effort into vetting the control locations, Jon Campbell for adding a newly sprouted trail to the map, Mike Cooper and Nick Townley for showing up early and helping with registration, to Lydia O’Connell for bringing extra supplies and helping with registration, huge thank you to Doug Sevon, Joanne Sankus, and Kelly Guarino for control pickup, to Jim Paschetto for computer and cleanup help, and to Andy McIlvaine & Joanne Sankus for photos. We appreciated all the enthusiastic participants who make the effort worthwhile.

Mark O’Connell & Karen Yeowell

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Brown & Red runners note: Malfunctioning control #122 is ignored in your posted splits. An interpolated punch time is displayed. Your time-on-course is accurate.

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Short White 1.4k
Name Club Time
1 Diego Bertoldi 28:22
2 Katie Ayla Madison Anastasia 32:27
3 Karis 38:50
4 James & Peter Cotsford 41:55
5 Caroline Cotsford 42:03
6 Mark Cianci Family (+3) 44:25
7 Kumani 189:00
Bos Redus DNF
Anita Redus DNF
White 3.3k
Name Club Time
1 Kirsten Hummel / Shawn Lowry NEOC 46:09
2 Katie Chiarelli / Madison +2 63:28
3 James & Peter Cotsford 76:35
3 Caroline Cotsford 76:35
Mark Cianci Family DNF
Yellow 2.9k
Name Club Time
1 Theo Lennhoff CRLS 22:29
2 Florence Tapla CRLS 22:42
3 Tor Webb CSU 29:54
4 Matt Soraghan NEOC 36:45
5 Sam Greene 49:03
6 Kirsten Hummel / Shawn Lowry NEOC 52:29
7 Lisa Goodrich 54:00
8 Moores 59:35
9 Ellen Morse WCOC 62:24
10 Lukas Nemet NEOC 66:58
11 Denise and John (Roskamp) NEOC 67:45
12 Redus 71:00
13 Bonnie Shope / David Byter 75:25
14 Alexa Hornakora 75:54
15 Philip Durbin NEOC 89:53
16 Bill Harrington 90:00
17 Teresa Broerig NEOC 90:17
18 Patrice Miller NEOC 185:11
19 Dashiell Mazziotta CRLS 1489:51
Ellie Lin DNF
Davis DNF
Michael Commons NEOC DNF
Timea Kepic DNF
Anna Horuak DNF
Leontina Kepic DNF
John Bottoms NEOC DNF
Orange 4.5k
Name Club Time
1 David Penfield NEOC 167:22
2 Doug Nicholls +1 NEOC 175:17
John & Caitiw NEOC DNF
Theo Lennhoff CRLS DNF
Shayne J. Picard DNF
Ryann and Cary DNF
Ellie Lin DNF
Lukas Webb CSU DNF
Brown 4.4k
Name Club Time
1 Mori Finlayson NEOC 74:05
2 Katia Bertoldi CSU 77:13
3 Roman N NEOC 79:41
4 Wendy Johnecheck NEOC 84:04
5 Michael Cooper NEOC 92:28
6 Nancy Duprey NEOC 94:17
7 Priya Landrigan CRLS 98:05
8 Roger Underwood NEOC 103:04
9 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 104:58
10 Anna Campbell COC 105:36
11 Judith Karpinski NEOC 111:18
12 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 120:04
13 Faye Doria UNO 132:14
14 John Kernochan NEOC 164:27
Bill Binette NEOC DNF
Green 5.4k
Name Club Time
1 Giovanni Berlanda CSU 73:14
2 Pia Webb CSU 73:17
3 Kelly Guarino NEOC 105:34
4 Jim Paschetto NEOC 121:42
5 Mark Webb CSU 134:26
6 Matthew Soraghan and Melanie J NEOC 152:04
7 Jim Crawford NEOC 153:00
8 Nick Townley 154:29
9 John Rogers & Peter Kane NEOC 162:30
10 Jaime Bechel NEOC 168:38
11 Carmen Gargallo 168:45
12 Jeanne & Mark Hummel NEOC 173:16
Richard Powers NEOC DNF
Red 6.9k
Name Club Time
1 Carl Underwood NEOC 61:34
2 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 90:46
3 Will Daniels NEOC 92:09
4 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 94:07
5 Clinton Morse WCOC 94:14
6 Victoria Campbell COC 103:38
7 JJ Cote LROC 106:01
8 Phil Bricker NEOC 113:41
9 Doug Sevon NEOC 120:11
10 Patrick McNeal NEOC 141:32
Aaron Aaker NEOC DNF