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  • Hale Education (Westwood, MA): BYOM event running through May 8. You can try any of the following courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, and Score-O on a map that was updated in 2021. Details on the NEOC Schedule.
  • National Ranking Event Free for Members: NEOC is hosting a National Ranking Event at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA on May 22. If you plan to use epunch (SI device), please pre-register by Wed. night (May 18) at eventreg.orienteeringusa.org. On-site registration will be available, but pre-registration will make life easier on the event staff and speed you onto your course. (A discount code will be sent to current NEOC members tonight.)
  • Volunteer at Great Brook Farm (National Ranking Event): Sign up here. We need your help to pull off this event which aims to offer something for everyone - including ice cream :-)
  • Memorial Day Training Weekend: Register for the Memorial Day Training Weekend in Western MA. This is the last week to register, so sign up now! It will be a great way to sharpen your skills and hang out with orienteers.
  • Thursday Spring Park-O Series: See results for the 1st of 6 events in the series. You must register by Tuesday May 3 for the Franklin Park event on May 5. Register for the series or for just a single event. You only need 4 events to get a ranking! Events are located around the Greater Boston area. More information can be found in the pre-registration link and on the NEOC Schedule.

NEOC's Annual General Meeting will be held on June 5, 2022, at 12:00 Noon, at Houghton's Pond, Milton, MA. Details will be posted on the Schedule closer to that date.

The main business will be the election to fill four seats for a two-year term on the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in being a candidate in this election. please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. NEOC membership is not required to sit on the Board.


Hans igloo smlCamden-area news site, knox.villagesoup.com, recently ran an article about Hans, with nice photos and examples of his dry humor. He's keeping busy teaching igloo construction.

Short, Medium, and Long courses available through March 4 in Gay City State Park (less than 2 hours from Boston). As of Feb. 19, the woods are snow free and the marshes are crossable.

Details and a link to the map files are on the HVO website.


The NEOC Board would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make 2021 a success. We are an all-volunteer organization, and we could not have made 2021 happen without you. We would like to offer a special thank you to our meet directors and to those who helped with the many ‘unseen’ tasks that allowed us to host orienteering events in a pandemic year. Please look for a small token of the club’s appreciation in the mail.

For the many volunteers who helped at this year’s events, we entered your name into a raffle. Each of the four raffle winners listed below will receive a $50 gift certificate. Congratulations!

Meet Directors and Other Support

  • Magnus Bjorkman
  • Xavier Fradera
  • Ian & Mori Finlayson
  • Phil Bricker
  • Pelle Wåhlström
  • Kristin Hall
  • Alex Vai
  • Kelly Guarino
  • Judy Karpinski
  • Mark O'Connell (QRienteering software developer)
  • Pia Webb (VP of Events)
  • Doug Sevon (Permit support)
  • Pete Lane (Equipment)
  • Bridget Hall (Winter Challenge 2021)

General Raffle Winners

  • Tamara Brenner
  • Patrick McNeal
  • Pete Bundschuh
  • Bill Binette


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