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  • Volunteer Meet directors: We are looking for meet directors for the following 2023 event locations and dates. These events will help fill in our 2023 schedule. The NEOC events team supports meet directors or individuals who haven't directed meets in a few years when taking on this volunteer role. We also support with obtaining permits and other tasks associated with putting on an event. Come give it a try—contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • Mary Cummings (Burlington, MA) - May 20 or 21: The map for this location is relatively new and the event would support beginner, intermediate and a short advanced course (brown).
    • Houghton's Pond (Milton, MA) - June 4: This event is run side-by-side with the Annual General Meeting and typically includes a Score-O and a beginner courses (white and yellow courses).
    • Boojum Rock (Medford, MA) - October 21: This event will be held on an updated map (currently being updated) and can support beginner/intermediate and advanced courses.
    • Noon Hill (Medfield, MA) - October 14- 27: This event will be a Bring-your-own-Map (BYOM) event, so easier than in-person events. We have had a lot of feedback that many folks like to have BYOM events as well as in-person events
  • MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: Join/Renew your NEOC membership for 2023. We have some exciting plans for 2023 and we look forward to you joining us!
  • WINTER CHALLENGE: The 2023 Winter Challenge is live and people are getting out on the 5 maps. Details are included with your member card, emailed when you join/renew for 2023. Be sure to check out the comments from members on the spreadsheet before heading out!