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3 races done, but still 2 more to go in the NEOC Fall Point Series. Remember, you only need three events to get a score, so there is still time. The final two events are Pearl Hill this coming Sunday, and Hale Reservation on November 20.

While Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck has an unbeatable perfect score of 3 on White (cross country scoring - lowest score wins), the race for second place is wide open. Paul and Maddie Williams have a great family contest going on Yellow, with Penelope Kibbe and Peter Campbell not far behind.

Orange and Green feature the young vs. the old ... with the outcomes decidedly uncertain. Will the teenagers triumph? Lukas Webb, Tor Webb, Conlan Doran, and Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck are looking strong. But don't rule out the role of experience, as veterans Channon Ames, Wendy Johnecheck, Andy Hall, and Michael Hughes are still in the running. Bridget Hall could still achieve a perfect score on Green, if she has time between classes to get to one more event.

On Brown the "northerners" Ernst Linder and Tim Parson (New Hampshire and Maine) have a slight advantage over "local" Jeff Saeger and "westerner" (Western Mass.) Peter Gagarin. Will the chance of victory be enough to inspire them to get back out in the lovely Eastern Mass. forests one more time (or two)?

The women are leading the way on Red, with Ali Crocker and Isabel Bryant out in front. Ian Finlayson and J-J Cote are still in the running (for second, at least). Finally, Danny Riley and Keegan Harkavy are assured first and second in the 'purple' category (red + blue), but who will snag the win?

Of course, it is not just the top slots that are being contested. Family bragging rights are up for grabs on almost every course. Which of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin racers will show the most improvement? And which orienteers will improve their scores by finishing higher in one of the upcoming events than they did in an earlier one (enabling them to drop their lower score)?

Enjoy the upcoming events at Pearl Hill and Hale!
You can keep track of the Point Series standings here.