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Items of interest to New England orienteers

Tim Parson sent this photo of NEOC folks who now live in Maine, gathered recently to celebrate Ann Humphrey's birthday.

Maine NEOCers

Hans Bengtsson, Lena Bengtsson, Aaron Glazer, Ann Humphrey, Tim Parson, Anne Dentino & Steve Dentino.

Tim, and son Ben, host a radio show every Monday morning on WERU FM. Their broadcasts are archived here.

The main item at NEOC's Annual General Meeting (June 16 at Houghton's Pond) is the election to fill five seats on the Board of Directors. Below are the candidate statements.

Current NEOC members, at least 18 years old, may vote. Family memberships are limited to two votes.

If you can not attend the meeting, you can designate an attending NEOC member (who is at least 18 years old) to vote as your proxy with this form.

Going to HVO's National Ranking Event?

Scheduled for the day before (or the Monday after) HVO's One-Day National Ranking Event, Ed Hicks will give a full-day class on map-making with OCAD. Ed is North American Sales & Support person for OCAD.

Details of this hands-on workshop are in this .pdf file.


What map does each image come from?

Map quiz from the recent NEOC Holiday Party, courtesy of Jeff Saeger.

Choose the map for each of the 16 "samples" below.
Click the button at bottom of the page to reveal the answers.

Join NEOC now and be ready for orienteering in 2019. (All 2018 memberships expire on December 31, 2018.)

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