This website (, a.k.a., a.k.a. makes every effort not to track visitors. NEOC does not employ third-party tracking cookies, scripts, or beacons.

This website sets three cookies: templateColor, a sessionID, and cookieconsent_dismissed. Almost all of the website will function normally if you choose to block these in your browser. (See exceptions below.)

templateColor contains a color name (typically "blue"). This is meant to allow the end-user to select a color scheme for each page visited. This feature is not used. The information in this cookie is not stored on the host computer.

sessionID has a random string as its name. It contains another random string that identifies your session on the host computer. No personal information is communicated.
This mechanism manages permissions for users who have an account on the system, while they are logged-in, to allow access to certain restricted content. The session information on the host computer is deleted within an hour of your last interaction with the website.

Both templateColor and the sessionID are session cookies, which most browsers will delete when the browser is closed.

cookieconsent_dismissed will be set if you click "OK" on the cookie advisory that appears at the top of pages of this site. This cookie contains the string "yes" to signal the browser not to re-display the cookie advisory. The information in this cookie is not stored on the host computer. This cookie will remain in your browser for one year, if you do not manually delete it or configure the browser to delete it.

If you set your browser to block cookies from and, these functions will be affected:

  • Contact forms may not send your message.
  • If you have login permissions on the website, you will not be able to log in.
  • The cookie advisory will appear at the top of every page.

Note that embedded interactive Google maps, displayed at the bottom of most event description pages and on some other pages, do set several cookies from Google domains. NEOC has no visibility into these cookies. If you block Google's cookies, this website will function normally, but the embedded map will not appear on the page.


If you have questions about NEOC's use of cookies, please contact the Webmaster.