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NEOC: Noon Hill BYOM
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From Saturday, September 12, 2020
To Sunday, September 27, 2020
Noon Hill
Medfield, MA
Map Scale:
Contour Interval:
Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Score-O
Special Courses:
Get 'Em All

Come orienteering in the beautiful woods of Noon Hill from September 12-27, 2020.


  • Yellow (2.5 km)
  • Orange (4.0 km)
  • Brown (3.8 km)
  • Green (5.2 km)
  • Score-O—60-minute time limit; overtime penalty: 10 points per minute or fraction of a minute
  • "Get 'Em All"—How long will it take you to get all 22 controls in any order?

Courses were designed to minimize repetition of legs so come and do more than 1 course. And while you are there, consider catching the view from atop Noon Hill, or stopping by scenic Horn Pond.

Parking is in the small dirt lot at approximately 20 Noon Hill Rd. If the parking is full, please do NOT park along Noon Hill Rd except at clear parking areas. Consider coming early/late in the day or during the week.

Start/Finish with instructions for QRienteering are on the edge of the lot, close to the big metal gate. Controls will be marked with orienteering flags as well as QR codes. You can self-time/self-report, use your smart phone to scan the QRienteering codes, or use a GPS tracker.

Please note that all Trustees properties require use of masks and social distancing, dogs must be on leash at all times, and users should return at another time when parking is full (rather than park on the road). Event is free for NEOC members and $5 for non-members. Please report missing controls/QR codes or any other issues to Karen Yeowell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Course Maps

Download course maps. [Note: Controls won't be set until Sept. 12!]

Time Your Run

  • Time yourself (no splits will be captured) -or-
  • Use your smartphone to scan a code at each control (requires data connection; may require an app that reads QR codes). Instructions will be posted near the Start. [See this intro to QR-code orienteering.]

Record Your Time

  • Self-timed runnersRecord your time, for the final results.
  • QR-code runners—Your time and splits were automatically recorded.


Consolidated results (both self-timed & QR-code) will be posted soon after this event ends.

These courses are available on NEOC's Routegadget (Regular Courses, Score-O and GetEmAll) — share your route!

You can also share your route or use you phone to record it using Livelox (full documentation on uploading routes is here).

Garmin watch users can also use O-range.
Instructions for O-range: Set up watch with O-range website (see get started). Then choose Public Courses, and "Noon Hill BYOM." Then with your watch connected to your phone, open O-range (on watch) and open Settings >> Load Course. Make sure that O-range is set to 'Score-o" mode or "regular race" on your watch, depending on which course you choose.

Noon Hill BYOM
20 Noon Hill Road (approx.)

From South Street in Medfield, turn southwest onto Noon Hill Road ("Noonhill" on Google Maps). Road becomes gravel at stream crossing; about 0.1 mile farther, dirt parking area on left.


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Beginner instruction is suspended due to COVID-19.

The FAQ describes course levels.

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