High Rock, Foxborough, MA
May 20, 2018
Meet Directors: Bill Binette, Jim Paschetto

It was a very fine day's weather between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm. Early in the day it drizzled a little, and about 3:00 pm there was a heavy shower. It affected only the set up and pick up. The competitors had the best 4 hours of the day to run and walk. The venue did have one problem: it would have been much improved if we had a mosquito forecast to help the planning. There was a huge bloom of insects just the day before the meet. The course setters saw nothing as bad as today during the whole month of May.

Many first-time orienteerers were recruited from the numerous dog walkers. They commonly expressed gratitude for NEOC showing them another way to enjoy their local woods. And they got a really neat map of the State Forest.

Much appreciation was stated about the new map, completed for the National event in 2016, with contour interval 2.5 m, updated from 5 m. The interesting terrain in now much more visible. A direct comparison between old and new maps was striking while setting the courses. There are many more targets now.

Purple Pen calculated the White course at 1.9 km and the Yellow at 2.0 km. One observant person asked why yellow seemed so much longer. Good Question. Purple Pen measures as the bird flies in a straight line. Yellow is longer because we humans travel on the paths between each control, and for 10 controls we run perpendicular to the bird path for an average of 50 feet into the woods and another 50 feet out returning to the path. That is an extra 1000 feet before mentioning the zig-zag around other obstacles like fallen trees and the occasional running a circle. White is strictly on the path with almost no deviation from the flight of a bird.

There were 78 starts today, mostly running on the hardest and easiest end of difficulty. I recommend the newbies check out Winsplits. I am sure the experienced runners will check out the split times. There were 2 plausible route choices on almost every split. I am amazed that some people ran across the swamps and marshes. Did they not know about yesterday's rain? I guess it did not matter on some crossings, because they had some really good overall times. I think it would be very interesting to have every route on Red and Green courses plotted on RouteGadget. So, if you have the time, please share. (RouteGadget is found in the Results menu.)

Several people did double duty working him/herself on a course, and helping with the registration, set-up and pickup. Thank you to Andy McIlvaine, Pelle Wåhlström, and Mark Webb for their help with the crush at Registration; and to Sylvie Guichard, Xavier Fradera, Sam Levitin for pickup. Special thanks to the two people who did triple duty... Karen Yeowell and Mark O'Connell. They each ran Red, picked up controls, and were the only people to be caught out in the heavy rain at 3 pm. Thank you for all the help. It is very much appreciated.

- Bill

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

This event is in RouteGadget (in the Results menu) — share your route, or just use the Splitsbrowser (click RG2 splitsbrowserin the menubar).

Short White 1.0k
Name Club Time
1 Noah Baumann CSU 12:32
2 Sebastian 13:45
3 Ethan 13:49
4 Leigh Niedeck, Hannah Petersen EMBK 17:38
5 Egor 17:49
6 Lukas Webb CSU 18:02
7 Isla Finlayson NEOC 32:22
White 1.9k 55m
Name Club Time
1 Heiner Baumann 13:00
2 Jessica Kelemen 32:32
3 Stephanie Kelemen 32:36
4 Mark Khrapunovich NEOC 34:00
5 Minnie 39:41
6 Josh G., Meghan O. 43:23
7 Mark Tiede (4) 55:10
8 Miley Duong 86:59
9 Patrice Miller NEOC 87:00
10 Michael Commons NEOC 87:34
11 Anya Khrapunovich NEOC 89:58
Yellow 2.0k 70m
Name Club Time
1 Mori Finlayson NEOC 24:18
2 Pablo Ruiz NEOC 29:46
3 Lukas Nemet NEOC 47:52
4 Quenton Friedman +1 49:12
5 Kirsten Hummel, Shawn Lowry NEOC 54:24
6 Mark Khrapunovich NEOC 60:44
7 Jessica Kelemen 61:37
8 Stephanie Kelemen 61:39
Leonardo Chen +4 DNF
Orange 3.2k 105m
Name Club Time
1 Heiner Baumann CSU 64:13
2 Emma & Sean NEOC 68:11
3 Wesley McCarty +1 NEOC 89:44
4 Barbara Anderson NEOC 92:49
5 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 93:57
6 Ian Anderson NEOC 103:51
Diane Menzies NEOC DNF
Pablo Ruiz NEOC DNF
Hop Holmberg NEOC DNF
Brown 4.2k 190m
Name Club Time
1 Bridget Hall NEOC 44:56
2 John Rogers NEOC 67:42
3 Trisha Underwood NEOC 75:21
4 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 83:26
5 Nancy Duprey UNO 86:36
6 Richard Powers NEOC 87:03
7 Roger Underwood NEOC 90:00
8 Ken Menzies NEOC 116:20
Jackson DNF
Theo DNF
Green 5.3k 195m
Name Club Time
1 Evgeny Ivanov NEOC 71:51
2 Yana Galukhina NEOC 82:46
3 Patrick McNeal NEOC 95:23
4 Brett Anderson NEOC 98:46
5 Richard Powers NEOC 104:54
6 Sam Levitin NEOC 107:51
7 Mark Webb CSU 114:24
8 David Quinn NEOC 115:53
9 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 119:43
10 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 129:29
11 Sylvie Guichard NEOC 137:38
12 Jeanne & Mark Hummel NEOC 149:25
13 Pete Lane NEOC 154:36
John Kernochan NEOC DNF
Bob Dangel NEOC DNF
Red 6.9k 215m
Name Club Time
1 Tomas Kamaryt NavGames 61:21
2 Tim Parson NEOC-MQ 77:54
3 Kristin Hall NEOC 81:03
4 Marie Brezinova NavGames 91:19
5 Tobias Karlsson NEOC 96:01
6 Stephen Tarry UNO 99:46
7 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 104:53
8 Alex Vai NEOC 105:07
9 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 109:12
10 Phil Bricker NEOC 118:59
11 Mark O'Connell NEOC 135:53
12 Karen Yeowell NEOC 161:19
Andrew Vakhutinsky NEOC DNF
Xavier Fradera NEOC DNF