Safety Plan


This document contains the Safety Plan for the June 15-16, 2019 US National Trail-O Championship to be held in and around Boston, MA. Copies of this plan will be circulated to key personnel and will be visibly posted in the event center, arena, start and finish areas. 

This Safety Plan is designed to satisfy the requirements of OUSA and NEOC to appropriately safeguard the well-being of event participants and guests.

The Plan has individual sections for Prevention, First Aid / Medical Intervention, Search and Rescue, Ambulance, Police, Fire and Evacuation. 

This Safety Plan may be modified as additional information or changes become available. This plan is being prepared and submitted by Bud O’Leary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Safety information will be provided to all participants in the registration packet and visible postings on site. Safety information will be updated on site as necessary.

Health and safety of competitors is paramount. A recent comprehensive physical examination is strongly recommended for all competitors. A list of current prescriptive medications should be available in the event of loss of consciousness.

All competitors are required to carry a safety whistle and know the international distress signal of 3 sharp whistles. All competitors must complete a safety card at registration, know and understand the course safety azimuth and proceed on that bearing if lost on a course in order to prevent long-term missing runner status. 

Water stations will be provided to reduce the risk of dehydration. Locations will be noted on clue sheets.


In order to reduce the chance of inclement or dangerous weather from affecting participants, weather advisories will be posted each morning and updated as needed throughout the day in the arena. Sudden dangerous changes to weather will be communicated to all meet personnel. Appropriate delay or suspension of events will be assessed. Dangerous conditions requiring immediate evacuation of courses will be initiated using international maritime distress air horns. A complete accounting of staff, participants and guests will be undertaken. 

First Aid / Medical Intervention

Each day’s start and finish area will have a fixed medical area to provide commonly anticipated first aid needs such as foot and ankle problems, heat exhaustion, dehydration, cuts and lacerations and other first aid procedures.

We are very fortunate to have a plethora of medical institutions very close to both event venues. Maps and directions to walk-in clinics, hospitals and trauma care centers will be available at the First Aid Area.

Medical personnel will communicate by cell phone and runner back-up. 

Of special note, New England hosts a flourishing tick population. Tick awareness and removal procedures will be posted in visible locations. 

Search and Rescue

An injured competitor in a known location may require medical attention or transportation assistance that can be provided by medical staff without the initiation of search protocol.

In the event of overdue or lost competitor that has not been seen near the end or a course, a search with anticipation of rescue will be instituted by the Meet Director in consultation with staff and safety personnel. Initial search teams of control pick-up teams will also include medical personnel. Individual SI boxes will be retrieved to help locate the missing person. Each search team will communicate by cell phones to report activities to the Meet Director and staff. The overdue / lost competitor will be escorted to the finish area (or other designated area) and “found” status communicated to any involved staff.

In the event of a continued unsuccessful search, the on- site DCR ranger and On-Call SAR resources will be asked for assistance. Notice of event logistics will be shared with appropriate local resources well in advance of the event. 

Medical Resources

Andover and Boston Fire and Rescue: 911

Andover and Boston Police: 911

Local Hospitals

Lawrence General Hospital (good trauma center)
1 General St. 
Lawrence, MA 

Boston Medical Center (best trauma center in MA)
1 Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA